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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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>> one thing. captain sanford with respect to the burglary theft from vehicles, that's an issue that we have seen across the city this year, a spike in those crimes. we had seen, particularly in the beginning part of the year that spike and my recollection and statistics and chief, correct me if i'm wrong is that it started to level out mid year coming into the third and fourth quarters. if these statistics, 44% increase, if you can talk about whether that's leveled off at all or whether the increase unfortunately has remained consistent out here in richmond. because i know it's a problem that is not specific to the richmond, unfortunately and we're taking steps across the department to address it, get it under control. i was wondering from a timing perspective if you could comment a bit about what you've seen over the year.
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>> i was fortunate enough previous to have char envelope population. i didn't have the -- golden gate park. we have a lot of venues within the golden gate park. and the weather has been very nice. a lot of tourists. consently, the education of the tourism in regards to putting valuables -- the suspects watch the individuals and it's target rich. it's a target rich environment, whether it be the venue at the cliff house area, point lobos or the golden gate point. we get a lot of influx of individuals coming into and providing an opportunity. therefore, we've been utilizing our plainclothesed officers as well as patrols. we've had an increase of staffing with the hondas that have the opportunity to move throughout the golden gate park a lot freer than beat officers or the foot our bicycle officers
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and that was a movement that chief cashman imp leapted just recently. i also was driving around the golden gate park and looking at the opportunities to arrest some of these individuals. the terrain is very difficult. if i'm dressed in this uniform and trying to chase an individual who knows the terrain within that park, it's crazy. and my opportunity to even -- whether we're this close and you get that much of a lead on me, it's going to be difficult to catch. that's why it takes a number of officers to maintain an operation. we were most recently last week by the golden gate gas pumps. an individual tourist or resident was walking by and saw an individual breaking into a car, subsequently maintained visual contact and called us. we were unfortunate -- fortunate to have one officer by the gas pumps and a couple others
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nearby. we took him into custody. he was a habitual all the break-in suspect. a lot of victims are out of country. therefore we don't have the opportunity to convict them. there has been a steady increase. my personal opinion is as a result of all the tourists coming. in but we are trying to utilize the horses, the bikes, plainclothes and decoy operations. >> turks captain. >> thank you, captain for that presentation. it was very thoughtful and it was very helpful to be introduced specifically to all the advisory board members. i wanted to ask, in terms of police community involvement with residents also, with merchants was programs, what
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practices have been implemented so far, what has this district station been doing and what are some plans for the future? knowing the residents of this district, i know a lot of people are cantonese speaking, russian speaking. it is a very di veers neighborhood in order to get residents to come out and work with the police on a long-term safety plan requires quite a bit of outreach. i myself went to attend a community meeting as a resident. not a ton of people attended and i think in part it is that language barrier. i was just curious what plans have been done so far. >> we utilize -- with regards to language barriers, david chen, especially in the chinese community has been instrumental in discussions. he's had individuals that he has interacted with contact me from the asian community to resolve some issues.
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we utilize an integral cab group with regards to all the ethnicities from the different backgrounds. working with the senior action network trying to identify, whether it be traffic issues, public safety issues. project safe for outreach, our newsletters, our discussion aspects. it's very communicative. we've been very fortunate -- david heller through the merchant's association. pars. the community is very active, which is the fortunate aspect for any police captain. not that i have to outreach to them. they're coming to us. that makes it even more so interactive and -- my ideas and patrice can tell you -- i don't always agree. she doesn't always agree. the board doesn't always agree but we try to come to some
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terms. we're looking at utilizing an enforcement project -- i think it is on my newsletter, the 11th through 16. a traffic venue looking at pedestrian safety, signage, crosswalk painting. getting the supervisors involved because they tend to have have the most ideas in regards to prioritizing what needs to be done in a specific district. i can scream this is what i want, consentry it's not going to get done. it's the community that makes things happen. >> thank you. >> certainly. patrice? >> i don't have my cheerleading voice of 30 years ago. i'm patrice motley. currently i'm the president of this district. to answer a couple of questions about what are we doing in terms
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of working with businesses, one of the things that we as a group -- and we have an amazing group that is cross section of this whole district. we've been trying to figure out what are some of the problem businesses, problem spots within the derrick. one of the things we started doing probably about four months ago is trying to figure out are there businesses that are a police resource strain or ones that have the potential to escalate into bigger issues. so one is a marijuana dispensary that's out on gary street. we invited them to come talk with our group, saying we are the members of your community. you are a business. you have the right to be here. and what we want to do is to work with everybody and keep everybody safe. so literally in conjunction with that, having them have an audit to figure out how they could
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better keep their patrons and those in the neighborhood safety -- safe. most recently the jack in the box on gary is a hot spot late at night so we had the franchise owner of that come and meet with our group and he's been working with safe on trying to figure out what he can do to keep that greater community safe. in answer to your question about the languages. so as captain sanford said, we have been doing these pedestrian safety traffic stops and basically we use them as education and our group has.comed an information piece that hopefully everybody in this community will eventually get and it's -- in terms of rules of a cyclist, rules of a pedestrian, as a driver. so from everybody's perspective so we're not singling out anybody. and our next step is to get that translated into chinese and
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russian so that we can get a greater distribution into the community. >> great, that's really helpful and i appreciate all the efforts. and i think in collaboration with the many organizations in this district, you will continue to do some great outreach, i'm sure. thank you for the update. i think it's grate that your -- you're working -- great that you're working together on the pedestrian safety issue. as one who drives to this area, i definitely see that need. >> thank you. >> yes, that's the other thing we're going to do is work with the schools. we're in the process of coming out with a letter that is going to be coming out so that they can desim nate them in their parent packages too. thank you. >> commissioners, anything further before we turn to
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comment? dr. marshall? >> this san observation. first of all, congratulations on part one -- and just a snapshot of the issues here. part one down, part two up. but commissioner, what it made me think immediately -- well, we get a report every week on how crime is doing in the city. as i saw part one being down in richmond it made me think what is it in comparison to the other districts? what's southern like, the bayview? and i don't think it's anything we've ever done so i don't want to make more work for anyone but -- and if it's available somewhere else tell me. but it occurred to me, maybe once a year, six months into the year, we could take comparisons
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by district. just part one compared by district. part two compared by district so we could see what the "hot spots" are at that particular tomb. we see you at the meetings and not side by side with anybody else. maybe that's something we could talk about once a year, six months into the year we could get these statistics and compare them side by side so we could see how the districts are doing. that's something i just thought of when i looked at that. >> vice president marshall, i know that comstat provides -- >> if it's on comstat, that's great. >> it is, sur. >> i think that's something we might want to calendar at a meeting at some opponent. we get a report. but we might need a citywide
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picture. >> we have an excellent advisory board, excellent business advocates and the citizens do respect the san francisco police department. they have high expectations and it makes it challenging at times but it's great to know that you have individuals that do support the plefment. >> anything further before we turn to the community? ladies and gentlemen, now it's your turn for us to hear from you about your concerns. captain, will you step aside a little bit and we'll let members come speak and respond to their questions. go ahead. >> item number three is public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding tempts that do not appear on tonight's agenda but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speaker is this address remarks
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of the commission as a whole and not individual commissioners. neither police or o.c.c. personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions but may provide a brief response. individuals, commissioners and police and o.c.c. personnel should refrain from sbg into i -- sbi in addition or debate. public comments are elemented to three minutes each. >> good evening, commissioner, ladies and gentlemen. my name is john grapefruit i was born and raced in this district at mount zion hospital. you've lived in this district my whole loifment i was on the richmond police steering committee through five captains. i know genie lynch. i got two neighborhood grants. i worked the wanini elder when she was running the neighborhood
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beautification fund. i was founding member of the mayor's graffiti advisory board. i worked with frank jordan in adopt a streets. it turned into the adopt-a-street program. i had 49 square blocks. i cleaned from feety. in the late 19 eight, 1990's, we had a huge graffiti problem. parking signs you could not see. myself started with one block and ended up having 49 blocks and i got all the merchants together and they wrote a petition, gave it to willie brown and then willie brown started having his graffiti summits. as a result of my actions, richmond became a better place. not just removing graffiti but everything on public property i took pictures of, documented. dates, where it was and that
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went to the commission unit. when a perpetrator was arrested for that tag they nailed him with all the different pictures we had provided. in 2000 i received an award from you from captain ed springer for all the stuff i've done in this community. i love this community. this district is awesome, this theater. presidio, middle school. some of the kids. i currently work with the friends of mountain lake park. i do all the dog waste bags. that's what i do now. i was deputy sheriff for 10 years. i had an advance post. what i'm here tonight is they found my application for patrol special. it was going to be 30 days for them to approve it and it's been over one year. this is my anly days and this award is attached to that and i'm still not a patrol special.
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i've asked the captain to apoint me. i think i'm worthy of appointment. this thing has gone on and on and on. i would just like the commission to direct or encourage the chief to appoint me. i've been hired by the beat owner of the castro district and recently we had a gentlemen zrsh gentleman 56 years old get beat up, bashed by guys with baseball battles. this is my application which they said they never received. >> thank you, mr. gray. next speaker? >> i think i can talk right from here. i don't think you'll have a problem -- >> you're pretty good. you have a good courtroom voice.
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>> i live in the richmond district for 40 years plus. and i have been involved in not just this district but the city of san francisco. i came out here on a vacation in 1959 from new york to educate everybody. fell in love with the city and i'm still here, still shooting my mouth off. i am most grateful to our new captain, one of the first meetings that i had with him he responded to the issues that i am very concerned about in this district. i live on argalo and gamplete we have hot issues with -- gary.
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we have hot issues with traffic, pedestrian safety. bicycles on the sidewalk. i've been a victim coming out of my own building, and i am involved in many, many areas of the community. i was a co-founder of cleanup clement street i was the co-founder of senior arks network. i am with the california alliance for retired americans. i've been out there shooting my mouth off and i am very happy to see this commission here. it's been three years and you need to hear from the community, but i am very grateful to the captain and also to lori, who has been my big support and i have one question to ask you this evening.
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some of my contingency have contacted me about the woman that was killed in the crosswalk by a bicycle person on market street. and they want to know why nothing has been done about the bicycle person -- they have communicated with the -- the -- i'm having a senior moment. >> ok. with the attorney. and they want to know why nothing has been done. i have come very close down there on market street going to meetings for parra transit, where i sit on the executive committee, and being very
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closely endangered again with bicycles not complying with the laws. and they want to know why nothing is being done, why no charges are being brought against this person that killed a woman. and that's all i have to say. you'll be hearing from me again. >> well, thank you. [applause] >> we don't ordinarily respond to the questions, but we will. the police foreman and police commission have no say what take place once an arrest has been made. that matter is referred to the district attorney's office, where they do a thorough investigation. i can tell you being a former assistant d.a., those things take a little time because they do accident reinstruction. they have witness statements and members of the police department who are trained in that to estimate speeds, distances,
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different things they look at this terms of the injuries and impact. so it will probably be a very thorough investigation and at that time the district attorney will make a determination will whether to charge that. it's just up to the d.a. at this point. but i think your concerns are shared by many people, including my mother and other people. >> this is how we are outreaching people in the community with merchants that are putting these out. we don't need bicycles on the sidewalk. >> i agree. >> the city has spent thousands of dollars -- so i just want you to know that we're out there doing our thing and there's going to be more about it. i'm very happy to see all of you
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here and i'm sorry that there isn't a bigger attendance because we've got serious issues out here on clement street, gary boulevard, and california street. >> ok, thank you very much. we appreciate it. next speaker, please? >> for public comment, sir? >> i'm john aly and i live in the central richmond district and i don't know whether this is the purview of the commission and i want to make it clear that my comments are disconnected from captain keith sanford or my colleagues on the community advisory board. i don't think i have to tell any of you that the public is under attack. i don't think i'm being pair noiled. when -- what i mean by that is entities that are in the public's trust like the police department, the fire department,
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the universities, the public schools are being defunded. and one of the things to be very specific, i'm a university professor. i teach at san francisco sate and i'm acutely aware of how the economics work. my concern is -- and i don't know that we all have an answer, but i want to put this on the record that i really believe in what we're doing with the community advisory boards. i think the community action groups are splendid, but we do not and cannot do what uniformed gun-carrying badge-bearing officers can do. and i want to make it quite clear that i'm concerned about that. i happen to know that there have not been, and i'm not clear about the statistics, but there have not been graduating classes for the police academy. those have been put on hold. and i know it has to do, i
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should imagine, with the money issues. i am very concerned that there's attrition going on in the police force like there's attrition going on in a lot of the other public sectors. the education, fire department, etc. i don't know what you can do but i wanted to make it quite clear that i'd like you, to the extent you can, commissioners, please lean on to whoever you need to lean on to get some academy classes going and lets -- let's get some graduates on the street. >> i just want to add that i particularly appreciate your comment. i appreciate that it's on tv. i encourage the public to continue to make that point to us, to your supervisors, to the mayor. the chief recently provided us with a 100-day update on beginning his tenure and we asked him at the end of his presentation what he saw as the
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top two or three issues facing the department other the short mid terms and he said what we, i think all agree, which is staffing is the most important risk to the gains that have been made over recent years and we're cautiously optimistic at the board that the mayor is going to find -- that the board and the mayor is -- are going to find funding. contact your admissioners and the mayor's office because they understand and appreciate the importance of staffing, the importance of making sure the academy classes get back going. they can hear from us but nothing works better than hearing it from the community. so thank you for your comment. it is something i think all of us are very, very concerned about and appreciate you taking the time to come tonight to verbalize that and articulate it so thank you.
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>> next speaker? do you want to come forward and talk? you're here. you might as well. >> we have a representative from an office here. appreciate it. is there anything you'd like to share with us this evening? put you on the spot. >> good evening. the last time i was here for a police commission meeting was three years ago and that was probably the last i went to. my name is bob toomey. i'm a direct director. by being on tv we actually take away from people that attend these meetings.
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i want to recognize captain sanford. we had a great relationship with him when he was at our station. he did a fabulous job there. very excited to have him here at richmond steags. we spend a lot of time at the community meet skhgs we do a lot of work. ashley handles our district work at sunshine and even though we're not on the sexy side of town where a lot of important things are happening we do have needs out here and i appreciate you making sure that you pay attention to the washington, d.c. i want to thank all of you for what you do and hopefully we will get a new class into the academy soon so we can start beefing up the police force because a lot of these guys sitting in front of you aren't going to be here in three years. >> thanks very much. if you pass on the message that we'd like some state funding i
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you would greatly appreciate it. while you're here? any further public comment? hearing no further public comment, public comment is now close. >> i just want to say anytime i come to a community meeting and someone doesn't show up to complain about an incident involving the police, i just want to say congratulations. i have gone to meetings where they've been lined up. there have been fewer but if they really feel like it they'll come to a community meeting because they know we're here, so congratulations. >> thank you. i feel compelled after we gave out that award at the beginning of the ceremony. we hear about a sacred heart recipient who tackled someone. then we heard from a police captain who said it was a little hard to catch people.
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sorry, captain. i could tell. anyway, thank you very much, everybody. at this point we'll move towards adjournment. again, thank you very much for having us here tonight and i would like to see a bigger crowd next time but thank you, everybody. you should come see us every wednesday nuth. >> do we have a motion for ajoufment? >> a motion to adjourn. >> we have a motion to adjourn? >> thank you.


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